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Reach Your Peak

My name is Elder, I am the owner of Apex Bootcamp and I want to inspire you to Reach Your Peak with my story. About 5 years ago, I weighed 240 lbs. I was always in a bad mood and when I would go shopping, I would leave disappointed with how clothes fit me.

I joined a gym and started going 5 times a week. This was so new to me so I decided to get a trainer to guide me on my journey. I learned the importance of nutrition, proper form and consistency and in only 3 short months, I lost 40 pounds and developed a new passion for my health.

I took up a Bootcamp close to home and 3 years later it is the core focus in my regiment. I am down to 195 lbs and at the age of 50, I have competed in 3 Spartan Races.

My success in the Spartan Races inspired me to help my community improve the physical and mental health. Instead of relying on medicine, I believe we can invest in our health to prevent future disease, relief stress, live a happier and more positive life. I invite all of you to join us here at Apex Bootcamp because together, we can all reach our peak.


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